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The world is a book waiting to be read. It’s true! Where would you like to go?

Have you dreamed of the cloud forests of Costa Rica? The magnificence of the Taj Mahal? How about the haunting gamelan of Bali or the deafening crash of a glacier as it calves into an Alaskan fjord? Just think: castles in Europe, tea in Picadilly, cruises to Mexico, Alaska, the world, Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, Kuchenhof in the Spring, sea turtles in the Galapagos, Antarctica!

The world is a village and you are an important member. Play an active part and enjoy the wonderful world in which we live. You, yes you, will improve the world by involving yourself with the people and places, exotic locales and new cultures you encounter. Meet new friends and protect this increasingly fragile earth. You will become an environmentally and socially responsible tourist. Our hope for the future.

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