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Every part of travel is a cooperative venture. You know where you want to go and your agent makes it happen. That agent may be the unknown robot at the end of a few keystrokes on an internet site, or your agent may be a travel professional with many years’ experience who can provide insights and assistance to ease your mind and relieve the stress of sorting through endless pages of information as you prepare for your own wonderful journey.

As with any professional, the true travel professional expects to be fairly compensated for time and experience. Many consultants, such as myself, enjoy their work so much that they keep their fee structure to a minimum. Nevertheless, there are certain administrative costs that occur. These include but are not limited to research time, consultation time via email or phone, communication costs, itinerary preparation, delivery fees, and client advocacy issues such as special requests.

Over the years my clients and I have developed the following fee schedule. It works well for everyone because it keeps costs low and helps us all to plan quickly and effectively. Naturally, it is flexible depending upon circumstances. Fees are never charged for changes resulting from airline schedule variations, for example.

  • Consultation.  First two hours are complimentary. The vast majority of trips and cruises fall within this category. Additional hours at $50 per hour.
  • Itinerary Preparation.  Specialized trips of 10 or more days normally require specialized itinerary planning. These trips will require a retainer of $100 per person, which includes preparation of the first itinerary and one revision.  Further drafts are $25 per itinerary.  The retainer may be refunded in full upon purchase of approved travel insurance.
  • Changes.  After you have approved and agreed to a final itinerary and costing, all changes are $25 per person.
  • Cancellation. $150 per person, after deposit. $50 per person with approved travel insurance.

Please also read The Fine Print and then come along and have A Fine Day!


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